World Sports Ju-Jitsu

World Sports Ju-Jitsu World Sports Ju-Jitsu

What are you looking for in Sports Ju Jitsu? Is it;

The fierce striking of Muay Thai?
The explosive throws from Ju-Jitsu?
The dominating control from Wrestling?
The strategic ground game from Grappling?
The discipline and mental toughness from Karate?
The physical conditioning and fitness from Boxing?

Our unique Sports Ju Jitsu program takes all of these aspects and combines them to make the most complete and structured form of martial arts. Whether you are looking to take part in the competitive side of Sports Ju Jitsu, improve your fitness or increase your confidence, our instructors will be able to help cater to your individual needs.

Our Sports Ju Jitsu Classes are run at the WJJF AU Headquarters on;
Thursday Night: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Ready To Take The First Step?

Thought of starting Jiu Jitsu but are unsure if you would like this Martial Art? Come train with us for free. Without obligation, no pressure!!