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Sensei Alan Campbell's Biography
Sensei Alan Campbell's Biography
Sensei Alan Campbell's Biography
Sensei Alan Campbell's Biography


WJJF AUS/WJJ TDS UK was developed by Alan Campbell in 2003. Prior to that, Alan Campbell was the co-director, National Coach and part shareholder of WJJ (UK) Ltd from 1993-2003 and successfully ran the organization alongside his teacher, mentor, colleague and friend, Soke Robert Clark, who founded the World Ju-Jitsu Federation in 1976.

At the age of 20, Alan was made the Captain of the WJJF Junior Display Team and travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, promoting jujitsu and WJJF.

On the 10th May 1997, Soke Clark awarded Alan Campbell the World Ju Jitsu Federation Distinguished Service Platinum Award, the highest honour bestowed by the federation, “for his commitment, dedication and loyalty to the federation, helping to create a credible, experienced and non-political environment”.

By the time Alan was 33 he was made National Coach for the World Ju-Jitsu Federation in England. Alan’s technical ability is of the highest calibre and through his guidance has worked with the governing bodies of martial arts in Britain (Martial arts Commission, City Guilds and British Ju-jitsu Association) to develop training and coaching programmes. Alan is also an accredited Coach recognised by the European Government as a NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier City & Guilds London (UK) in Sport and Recreation, coaching children and adults.

In 2003, Alan Campbell was commissioned by Soke Robert Clark to set up WJJF AUS and promote WJJF around Australia and Australasia regions. Alan Campbell sold his WJJF shares back to Soke Clark with the permission and agreement that he was allowed to launch WJJF AUS with total creative control and use of all WJJF materials and for promotion of World Ju-Jitsu Federation, but as a separate entity to WJJ (UK)/ WJJKO. It was during this time Soke Clark made Alan the Vice President of WJJF and they continued to have a strong friendship up until Soke Clark’s death in 2012.

In February 2012, Soke Clark sadly passed away in England. Alan was not notified after his death and as such, was unable to organize a flight in time to attend the funeral.When Alan arrived in the UK in March 2012, he visited Soke Clark’s family and paid his respects. Soon after, he attended the black belt gradings at the Headquarters. Alan is more determined than ever to rebuild Soke Clark’s legacy of a credible, non-political ju-jitsu organization, by following his ideals of developing WJJF worldwide.

All of Alan Campbell’s gradings were previously awarded by Soke Clark, as documented in his certificates, signed by Soke Clark. To date, Alan has over 45 years of jujitsu experience, having been trained by Soke Clark since the age of 10 years old. He has also studied karate, aikido and judo, common human behaviour and philosophy.

The ever-increasing success of WJJF AUS / WJJ TDS is due to the high standards of teachings of the true WJJF syllabus, as designed by Soke Robert Clark. Our instructors are personally trained by Alan Campbell, who is one of the very few instructors who has the expertise and qualifications to teach up to the official WJJF 8th Dan syllabus. Alan Campbell was Soke Clark’s personal student for over 45 years and can be seen demonstrating with SokeClark in numerous videos, and has appeared in over 30 publications, such as those produced by David Mitchell (Board of Directors of Martial Arts Commission UK) and AC Black Publications. (Further references can be made readily available upon request – there are too many to mention here).

The growing numbers of martial artists who are now freely approaching Alan Campbell to further their development are a testament to his expert knowledge and teachings, and the integrity of his organization, WJJF AUS / WJJF TDS. Alan Campbell conducts his business with integrity in a highly professional and respectful manner and opens the doors to anyone who wishes to study Jujitsu, in addition to providing ongoing support wherever needed.WJJF AUS keeps its costs to members at affordable prices.There are no hidden costs, and profits made go back directly into WJJF AUS / WJJF TDS for the benefit of its students and members, such as providing full- and part-time employment within WJJF AUS / WJJ TDS and assistance to independent instructors.

WJJF AUS / WJJ TDS students work hard to legitimately earn their gradings and they are awarded their belts according to their skill. Our students highly value their belts, much more than if they were simply purchased, because they are goals they have challenged themselves with and have worked towards, on their own merits. WJJF AUS / WJJ TDS recognizes and highly values the importance of the journey, rather than the destination itself, because it builds and develops character and resilience.

The initial success of any organization depends on the stability and integrity of its foundations, and will continue to thrive with the ongoing input of honest, highly skilled and loyal team members, led by a strong and fair leader with expert knowledge in their field.

This same leader needs to hold and demonstrate high morals with the foresight to plan well ahead to prevent or minimize potential problems from occurring, whilst fostering the growth of a strong team. This is why Alan Campbell and WJJF AUS/TDS are flourishing.

Other organizations struggle to grow due to poor management, a lack of team solidarity and direction, low morals, not to mention criminal factors such as corrupt and fraudulent activities.

To be a successful teacher in any discipline requires not only qualifications and skill but strong leadership and an admirable ability to relate to people in an open and honest manner while maintaining the student’s interest in learning. All qualifications held by Alan Campbell can be readily verified by original documents and evidence and his technical skills are demonstrated through his teachings and video footage.

Similarly, successful organizations require strong and skillful leadership with open and honest business dealings incorporating a team focus that benefits all for the good of the organization.

World Ju-Jitsu Federation Australia (WJJF AUS) / World Ju-Jitsu Training & Development Services (WJJ TDS)has been a completely separate organization, independent of World Ju-Jitsu (U.K.) Limited (WJJ UK Ltd) since the sad passing of Soke Robert Clark in 2012. There are no connections to G. S. Bertoletti’s World Ju-Jitsu Kobudo Organization who has never been a director of WJJ (UK) (Ltd) and there are no future plans for any connection to take place. Alan Campbell has not been a director of WJJ (UK) Ltd since 2003 when Soke Clark was reinstated as Director until his death in 2012. Further financial arrangements were made between Soke Clark and Alan Campbell before Soke Clark’s passing.

Ju-Jitsu Kobudo International headed by 9th Dan, Stefano Mancini (who was also a personal student of Soke Robert Clark) is closely affiliated with WJJF AUS / WJJ TDS. Alan Campbell and Stefano Mancini have vowed to remain true to Soke Clark’s original teachings, and this can be seen, not just in their expert skills, but in their levels of integrity, professional conduct and interactions with their students and members.