Little Ninjas (5-8 Years Old)

Little Ninjas (5-8 Years Old)Little Ninjas (5-8 Years Old)

The Little Ninja class is based on our specifically designed Basic Self Defence program for kids. This particular program constantly challenges children both mentally and physically, whilst also teaching them important skills such as;

  • How to defend yourself in a variety of situations eg. getting grabbed, pushed or struck by an attacker.
  • Self Control eg. learning to stay calm when you are struggling or are frustrated.
  • Discipline eg. use of good manners and good behaviour in general, whether you are at home, school etc.
  • How to set long and short term goals eg. working towards your black belt or achieving higher grades in school.
  • The importance of eating healthy and keeping active
  • How to work well and communicate with others.

Our Little Ninja Classes are run at the WJJF AU Headquarters on;




Our Little Ninja Classes are run at the Concord West Dojo on;





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